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TMH (Transmashholding)

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10000 m2
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4000 kW
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Penza Diesel Engines LLC (PDE) is a member of TMH Group, the largest manufacturer of rail equipment in Russia and CIS, with annual sales of €5.1 billion and a workforce of 100,000 people.
TMH includes 11 engineering and production -sites in Russia.
International business is managed by TMH International, located in Zug, Switzerland.

TMH International employs 1 400 employees in production, service, engineering and sales in Argentina, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Israel, South Africa and Switzerland.

PDE is the newest TMH site located in the city of Penza, Its brand-new factory spreads on 10,000 m2 and features the latest, latest know-how and state-of-the-art technology.
The Company aims at becoming one of the leading facilities for diesel engine in Russia with an international set-up.

Our main products will include the well-known medium and high speed diesel engines for main-line and shunting locomotives, ship power, power generation and mining applications. We will offer “complete solutions” with a capacity up to 4 000 kW.

The PDE facility will offer production of gas engines, containerized diesel and gas power plants, as well as service and remanufacturing of diesel engines.

All activities are launched in partnership with international leading engine manufacturers to ensure state of the art technology.
Our plan is to start production activities and sales to Russia, CIS and the world market in 2022.

Our Company will be a perfect choice for well-educated, experienced and ambitious candidates caring about their personal development and professional career.