Training programs

Hands-on internships (students)

Learning stimulates awareness of potential and the gap between the student’s current knowledge and skills and his/her level of potential. This awareness helps build a more systematic and coherent learning process.

Therefore, it is especially important to see what the future profession is all about as early as the internship stage. The student has an invaluable opportunity to try his/her hand in the field of his/her choice.

On the one hand, it helps him/her to understand whether s/he has made the right choice. It may become obvious that the student is not cut out for this job. Or, on the contrary, s/he will become convinced of the correctness of his/her chosen professional path. On the other hand, the internship at the enterprise will help the student to reveal gaps in knowledge, to approach the learning process more consciously, to see the final goal – for what s/he gets education, and, therefore, to become an active participant of this educational process, i.e. its subject.

At our company, we provide internship opportunities to students in the following areas of study:
– Mechanical Engineering
– Engine construction
– Diesel industry.

In order to promote co-operation between educational authorities and the world of work, we are ready to consider the option of both a contract with a university to send students to internship on a permanent basis, and individual applications of students of relevant specialties.

Apprenticeships (young specialists)

If you want to start an exciting career as early as possible, an apprenticeship at PDE is just what you need. This program will allow you to not only add an impressive line to your CV, but actually gain invaluable knowledge and experience while participating in real breathtaking projects. We are looking for passionate young people who want to learn and improve in a fast-paced and dynamic industry that we have been working in for years.

We always emphasize that our greatest asset at PDE is our team, and we firmly believe in development through knowledge and experience transfer. During your apprenticeship at PDE, you will be fully supported in developing a wide range of skills that will greatly help you in your future career. Start your professional journey with an exciting apprenticeship at PDE!

Online self-paced training

In today’s environment, online education is particularly widespread. This definitely has its advantages. Thanks to distance learning, our employees have the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications, take courses when transferring to another position, or receive individual consultations regardless of the location of the training center or coach. At our company, we actively use online training and coaching. For example, when introducing new processes at the plant, we attract specialists from Russia and other countries.