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Does your heart overflow with love for diesel engines like our hearts do? If so, you’ve come to the right place and now you’re one decision away from your dream job!
Why Penza Diesel Engines LLC?

  • Our company is a dynamic and constantly growing innovator.
  • We offer a wide range of opportunities for both recent graduates and experts with years of experience.
  • Here you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to showcase your skills, gain great experience that will strengthen your personal and professional growth and make an impact on development of the industry.

We recruit recent graduates to support our “hire-to-develop” strategy. At the same time, we offer on-the-job training to develop existing skills.
Your career path with us can be almost limitless as we expand our business globally and, as a result, offer an ever wider range of opportunities to our employees.
By joining our team, you’ll not only be surrounded by the tops in this field, but you’ll also feel how supportive, friendly and eager to take the time to mentor, teach and share our expertise we are. We approach challenging but exciting projects with passion, commitment and enthusiasm. Are you in?
If you would like to become part of our fast-paced company, please feel free to apply for the open positions or contact us directly.

List of Current Vacancies:

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    Penza Diesel Engines LLC means, first and foremost, the people without whom our plant would not have reached the forefront of the global diesel industry. Therefore, we are very proud of our team and create for our employees an excellent and inspiring environment not only for work, but also for their personal professional growth.
    We were excited to take the testimonial videos, because we couldn’t wait to learn the answers to many questions:

    What motivates our employees?
    Why have they chosen Penza Diesel Engines LLC?
    What do they like most about their job?
    What’s one of the most challenging but interesting tasks they have worked with?
    What useful advice could they give to people thinking of applying to work for PDE?

    and many others…
    Now we’re thrilled to bits to share short videos of our employees. Enjoy watching! Who knows? Perhaps your video will also appear here very soon!


    Aleksei Spirin
    Director of Economic and Finance

    Aleksei Khrapenkov
    Deputy Director General for Repairs

    Vitally Syrkin
    Operative Purchasing Manager

    Olga Deputatova
    HR Manager